Relegation and Beyond – The Weekend Recap

POSTED BY Kevin "Krazie" Rogers June 20, 2017 in Call of DutyNews,
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Every competitive gaming organisation has championship dreams. Those dreams are met by setting lofty goals for every season and achieving them. Our dreams for 2017 are simple. Win a Call of Duty World Championship. We knew the path and set goals to achieve just that.

Our 2017 season has had its ups and downs throughout. We’ve seen the glory of success as we brought home our first CWL Championship earlier this season (CWL London). But, after the success, speed bumps in the road appeared as disappointing LAN placements and roster adjustments. Through all the struggles we still secured the all important place in stage 1 of the Global Pro League.

We would have definitely preferred to have qualified for COD Champs during Stage 1. Fate would step in and decide we needed to take the road more treacherous. Even though we made it into Stage 1 our efforts fell short of expectations and had to compete in a relegation tournament to keep the dream alive.

Our squad of Urban, Rated, Seany, Joee made a huge run in relegation by sweeping both opponents in dominating fashion. In doing so we qualified for Stage 2 of the Global LAN League and secured an invitation to the Call of Duty Championships to be held later this year in Orlando. The relegation performance also placed us in pool play for CWL Anaheim hosted by MLG.

However, Missed opportunities in pool play would lead to a very impressive championship losers bracket run to Top 8 overall.

Anaheim played host to what many consider the best event of the year thus far. Events that transpired just reinforced the fact that the competition is tighter than ever and anyone can win the title of world’s best this year. The North American dominance of years past has worn away. The European squads have come to play this year and demonstrated they are a force to be reckoned with before it’s all said and done.

Three teams from Europe finished in the Top 8 including us as proof of the erosion of North American dominance. How will that effect the scene moving forward? Will we see the first ever European Call of Duty World Champions? Will that champion be us?

We set out this season with championship dreams. We have now achieved a major goal in securing that highly sought-after invitation setting the stage. We are just a couple missed plays away from greatness this season. We are playing some are the best Call of Duty of the season yet and timing is everything. Our team looks to hit its peak come August…. and that timing would be perfect.

Congratulations to the squad for the huge weekend. You made us all proud to be #Reserved.


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