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Since its inception Red Reserve has been a strong brand focusing on fielding the best talents, whether that be in our world renowned Youtube team, or our top flight esports squads. It therefore made perfect sense to partner with a talent agency which both shares, and can further facilitate, our philosophy of giving the best talent the best platform to excel.

It is for this reason that we are pleased to announce a new long-term partnership with Orlando John, a Swedish based talent agency who already represent, amongst others, Haitian American rapper Wyclef Jean, Swedish Hollywood actor Joel Kinnaman, Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn and many professional esports talents.

“This partnership represents the ongoing goals of developing current and future talent in the esports industry along side gaming related social media. It fits in perfectly with Red Reserve’s ambitious plans for expanding growth and further success.” – Patrik Andersson (CEO Red Reserve)

“Red Reserve is a strong brand within the esports scene and gaming community. With great experience and the ambitious goals set for the future we are thrilled to work with Red Reserve and to be a close partner in their growing success.” – Orlando John

About Red Reserve
Red Reserve is an American gaming entertainment brand, best known for their roots in the Call of Duty sniping community who became an eSports organization when they were bought by the Swedish organization, Orbit Esport in February 2017 – resulting in all of their current rosters moving over to Red Reserve.

Besides owing and managing professional esports teams in the games Call of Duty, FIFA and Gears of Wars, Red Reserve has a gaming house in Florida that resident Youtubers and Content Providers that produce and distribute esports and Call of Duty related content on various social meda plattforms such as Youtube, Twitter and Instagram with millions of followers and reaching an audience over 10 million people.

Red Reserve recently merged with Battleriff Gaming, another Gothenburg based esports company. The Main owners include Storytel´s main owner Jonas Sjögren and the Gothenburg based venture capital company Optinator. Other main owners are Magnus Claesson, co-owner of the real estate company CA Fastigheter and Marcus Fransson co-founder and co-owner of the success app Fishbrain.

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