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POSTED BY Rick Marx May 5, 2017 in AnnouncementNews, Overwatch,
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May 5th, 2017 – Gothenburg, Sweden

Today we announce our release of our Overwatch team. When first looking into the Overwatch scene we saw enough potential to give it a shot. When we acquired the former b0nkers roster, we felt comfortable with what we saw from them and decided to sign them as our first Overwatch team. However, after having spent enough time in the Overwatch scene, we haven’t seen the growth we were prospecting for Overwatch. The team has shown us what commitment and love for the game can achieve. They have done us proud while they represented us. We can say with confidence that we made a good decision picking the team we did.

Due to Overwatch remaining a relatively small esports title in Europe compared to the North American and Asian esports scene, the decision came to put our focus in different titles such as CS: GO, Call of Duty, and Fifa. Whether or not we will continue in the Overwatch scene is yet to be decided as the esports scene is ever growing, but for now, this ends our run for Overwatch. You can read a statement from our COO, Sebastian Spooner down below.

“A project close to us was this Overwatch team, we saw hope and potential not only with this squad but also with the European scene but not much progress has happened since their signing. We wish the team the best of luck in their future endeavour’s as they hopefully grow into one of the elites.”

– Sebastian Spooner, Red Reserve COO.


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