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POSTED BY Joseph Hayter December 29, 2017

2017 saw Red Reserve merge with Orbit esports and that meant we entered CS:GO with the brazilian team of mch, nak, caike, kNg and bld V the team was based in sweden however so played in European tournaments, however we would end the year with a completely different roster after several changes where made.

nak (left) and  bld (right) competing at Copenhagen Games

The year started well with strong performances in online qualifiers and events that saw us take first place in both the headshot cup and legend series however a string of disappointing results followed that lead to internal issues and by the beginning of may kNg, caike and mch had returned to Brazil.

A brief hiatus followed as we searched for the right fit and later that month we signed the passions roster of  RustY, hampus, xajdish, FREDDyFROG, Relaxa and coach djL and after a slow start online the team turned up to their first LAN the GeForce Cup, using Maikelele as a stand in for xajdish at the event strong results followed taking down Fnatic Academy and Team Kinguin 2-0 before facing Space Soldiers in the final however the team fell just short of taking home the victory and finished the LAN in 2nd place.

After officially singing Maikelele more strong placings followed, a 3rd in the Farmskins Championship was followed by qualification for Dreamhack Valencia. After a strong group stage that saw us finish with a 2-1 record we entered bracket play, and after taking down Heroic 2-1 we fell to Ninjas in Pyjamas to come away from the event with another second place finish.

However shortly after internal issues arised and poor performances in qualifiers lead to the departure of Hampus and as things continued to deteriorate the team was released at the end of august. Our second break from CSGO followed that lasted until October when FREDDyFROG, Relaxa and djL returned and Baaten and Plessen joined the team.

After a slow start where the team showed promise but came up short in several online qualifiers they finally made the breakthrough taking home the CSGOFAST.COM Cup and placing top of their group in the ongoing Daddyskins Western League with the start of 2018 promising many opportunities to continue winning with ESEA Mountain Dew League starting IEM Katowice qualifiers and bracket play for the Daddyskins Western League all coming up in january.

djL had this to say about 2017:

“Well with the first team that had Maikelele when he Joined instead of xajdish we had a super good team who were 22nd in the world at one point and made 2 finals. That we Sadly lost in Valencia and in wroclaw. But sadly we had a lot of issues in the team we could not fix. However with this new team we are still in a learning phase and it will take some time. But we have the players and are capable of big upsets. The results have been up and down. But like i said we are still in a learning phase and trying to figure out some things. For 2018 you Will see a hungry red cs go team who will work our hardest of to be one of the best teams in the world”

Written by Tyler Lench



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