Echo Fox eRa and OpTic awaited us during week two of the pro league, after a mixed bag in week one we hold a 2-2 record in division A Up first this week was Echo Fox who held a 2-1 record after the first week.

GAME ONE London Docks Hardpoint

Rated flew out of the gates on map one starting 6-1 despite Echo Fox holding a slim lead after the first hill, however strong rotations to both main street and dock warehouse hardpoints allowed us to take the lead. By the time we reached 100 points we held a 50 point lead and it kept growing throughout the first set of hills as by the time we returned to statue hardpoint we led 129-80, Rated had continued from his fast start and lead the lobby with figures of 17-12. Dock warehouse proved to be the difference maker for us as both times we managed to keep Echo Fox from securing points as our lead continued to grow, shortly after the next rotation the team closed out the map and moved to an impressive 11-0 on London Docks Hardpoint. Rated led the way map one ending 28-17 in a very good team performance.


GAME TWO London Docks Search and Destroy

A fast plant on round one from Rated and a five kill streak from Joshh allowed us to take control of the early rounds, as we threatened to run away with map two. But a quick response from Echo Fox saw them tie up the game at two rounds apiece, the next two rounds were split between both teams as the scores remained tied. Joshh kept controlling the game as we had double digit kills by the end of the 6th round. With the game in the balance we kicked it into another gear claiming the last three rounds in a row including a two versus four clutch from Rated and Zero to close out the map and give us complete control of the series.  


GAME THREE Ardennes Forest CTF

After a defensive start to the half as both teams tried to find the edge, Rated took control with a five killstreak that allowed Joee to pull the flag, and after a tactical team kill Rated ran in the cap and earned full streaks with 3:20 left in the first half. With 2:16 left in the half EF pull the flag and despite killstreaks from Rated, Aqua managed to stay alive but Joshh was in the Echo Fox base to counter pull and force a short stalemate that was ended by Joee as we ended the first half up 2-0. The second half started with Joshh going on a five killstreak as we defended our lead well early, at the 2:30 mark Echo Fox managed to pull the flag but after they team killed Joshh shut the run down to return the flag. Joee immediately pulled the Echo Fox flag but as the team fell to streak Echo Fox pulled the flag to reduce the lead to one. The team stacked our base with a minute left and shut down every Echo Fox attack as they closed out the map and the series.




A dominant start to week two left Call of Duty Manager Joseph Hayter very happy, he had this to say:

“Great showing from the guys, looked on our true form and closed out games as we should”

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The CWL Stage 1 Schedule can be found here

Written by Tyler Lench

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