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After success against Mindfreak we started the second day of week one up against the French team Vitality in an al EU battle. Vitality currently sit at 0-1 after suffering defeat at the hands of Rise Nation.  


Game one: Saint marie du mont Hardpoint

After securing the opening gunfights we managed to gain the first 18 points of the hill, however the second half of the restaurant hardpoint was controlled by Vitality, so by the time teams rotated to winery the scores were still about level. After another back and forth second hill we used early rotations to get a strong set up on parking lot and after strong slaying around the hill we came away with streaks and the full 60 points. After extending our lead on the final hardpoint of the first rotation of hills, we entered the second rotation with a 60 point lead over the french side. Thanks to the streaks we had earned on the parking lot hill we managed to control situations that saw us on the back foot resulting in us needing only a single hold on parking lot to secure the map. Treizer0 went huge throughout the map as he dropped 38 kills in the win.

Map Score: 250-180 Series Score: 1-0

Game two: Search and Destroy USS Texas

After dropping the first round the team responded taking three straight rounds to jump to a 3-1 lead, Zer0 was again vital to the teams start as he out sniped a struggling wailers throughout the first 4 rounds. However Vitality struck back with two rounds of their own to level the map at three apiece, the team managed to stop vitality’s run of rounds though and responded by taking back to back rounds for a 5-3 lead, after dropping one more round the team closed out map two. This  put them on the edge of series glory.

Map Score: 6-4 Series Score: 2-0

Game three: CTF Flak Tower

Unlike yesterday’s fast start to the CTF map four started slow as Vitality had the early pressure, but some important defensive kills meant that for the first 2 minutes no flag was pulled. The pressure from Vitality looked to pay off but some sneaky plays from Rated returned the flag, and Zer0 managed to escape with the flag to give us a 1-0 lead. After another down period Vitality again pulled our flag but streaks were used to down the flag runner as the clock ticked down to end the half.Keeping up with the rhythm of the first half two minutes had little objective action as both teams tried to gain control. With three minutes left in the half both flags were pulled and a stalemate ensured but streaks again provided help as Zero got the break through as we doubled our lead.One last flag cap came in as we closed out the map and the series 3-0.

Map Score: 3-0 Series Score: 3-0



Call of Duty Manager Joseph Hayter had this to say about the series:

“A swift 3-0, Vitality have played us a lot closer online and I expected a tougher game out of them but it was important to go in and not underestimate the french squad.”

Final thoughts: A solid victory from the team as they performed as expected and moved to 2-0 for stage one of the Pro League. Up next is Rise Nation our first big change of stage one.

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The CWL Stage 1 Schedule can be found here

Written by Tyler Lench


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