The second game of our double header on Wednesday was against Rise Nation, a team who beat us twice at CWL NOLA as always during the WWII season map vetoes took place to decide what maps were played.

GAME ONE: Ardennes Forest Hardpoint

Map one was a map we want to forget, the team got off to a slow start and never recovered everytime they turned a corner a Rise Nation play was there to cut them down, slow rotations also cost the side as Rise Nation ran away with the first map.

MAP SORE: 49-250 SERIES SCORE: 0-1  

GAME TWO:  Ardennes Forest Search and Destroy

Map two was a completely different story to map one as it started with a bang thanks to Joee getting a 3k as we jumped out to a two round lead, after the next two rounds were traded Rated clutched a 1v3 to restore our two round lead. Joee continued to control the game and two further rounds went our way as we closed out the map and reset the series after a dire map one.


GAME THREE: Ardennes Forest CTF

Looking to put in a better respawn showing the team started strong early kills allowed us to pile on the early pressure, but strong play from Loony prevented us from getting to the flag. With 3:40 left on the clock we touched the flag but Rise reacted quickly to shut the pull down before it went anywhere. After a few kills went the way of Rise they managed to score the first cap of the game but there was still over 2:30 on the clock. Another minute past before the next flags were pulled as a stalemate threatened to close out the first half, but a hero play from Zer0 with 5 seconds left on the clock allowed us to tie the game up as the half came to an end. The second half started the way the first half ended, as after a Rise flag pull we counter cap and forced a stalemate that would last the entire half. The overtime was completely different to both halves the whole team fell of spawn but respawned and slayed their way to the flag returning it back to base setting Rise a time of 44 seconds to beat, and with such short time to defend we closed out the third map to take the series lead.



GAME FOUR: Gibraltar Hardpoint

A fast start to the fourth map allowed us to get the full 60 points on the second hardpoint, but after Rise rotated early for both castle road and turret the lead soon changed hands towards the end of the first hill rotations.After reaching the 100 point mark first the team stepped it up and opened up a 40 point lead, but just like the first set of hills Rise clawed themselves back into the game and by the time the third rotation on hills began our lead was down to just 9 points. With the game poised for a close ending some interesting spawns stalled our momentum and Rise closed out the game to force a deciding Search and Destroy.


GAME FIVE: Saint Marie Du Mont Search and Destroy

With the series going back and forth it came down to Saint Marie Du Mont, recent changes to the map meant changes to tactics were needed and after a fast start we dropped rounds two and three, Gunless from Rise nation dominated the game and especially the early rounds. The team managed to halt Rise Nation for a round but that was all that we managed to take of Rise as Gunless and rise pulled away to take the map and the series.


Call of Duty Manager Joseph Hayter had this to say: “Almost a mirror of our NOLA games, with some frustrating rounds in the final SnD. We’ll get Rise eventually”

Our first defeat of the pro league leaves us with a 2-1 record, a tough game against Team Kaliber awaits tomorrow to end the first week of division A action


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