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We sat down with Joee ahead of stage one of the CWL Pro League, to talk about the teams fortunes so far this season and his thoughts on competing in division A.

How do you feel the team have gelled so far this season?

“The team gelled really well recently, Dallas felt like we could have and should have done better, New Orleans we showed our form a bit more and it should continue throughout S1.”

What moment at NOLA would you define changed the teams form?

“I think the moment that really set us off at NOLA was beating optic, gave us huge momentum early Sunday to make a good run.”

The team played London Docks a lot at NOLA is that a cause for concern going forward if teams start vetoing it against us?

“We feel confident on every HP map, so we aren’t too concerned about teams vetoing docks.”

What has the team been doing since NOLA?

“We’ve just been relaxing really, with a few scrims. We weren’t back in the UK for very long so haven’t had too much time to practise.”

What do you think of the team’s chances for stage one of the pro league, what will be the key to success?

“I think we have the capability to win season 1, it all depends on our search and destroy as that has been our weakness so far.”

Who do you think will be the toughest match of week 1?

“We play TK last in week one, will be the hardest match up for sure.”

How is the accomodation for Season 1? 

“MLG have given us some nice appartments to stay in while the league is on, other than the internet being slow the first day, they are great”

How will the patch that dropped affect the team? 

“We are a tactical team, footsteps and health regen only hindered that, if anything this plays to our advantages and i’m glad they have been fixed”

What do you think about the CWL schedule this season? 

“Its very hectic, but good to play a lot, the set up for seasons in america means we get more practice against NA teams, which is always good.”

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The CWL Stage 1 Schedule can be found here


Written by Tyler Lench and Joseph Hayter



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