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POSTED BY Rick Marx May 17, 2017 in AnnouncementCS:GO, News,
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May 17th, 2017 – Gothenburg, Sweden

It is a pleasure to announce our re-entrance into the CS: GO community with a whole new Swedish roster.

After the term we had with our previous Brazilian team, they have now all returned to the country and will not be playing under the Red Reserve banner anymore.

Our new team, currently known as ‘passions’ is our new squad that will again be housed and give them all the necessary support and equipment they need to reach their goals.

Sebastian Spooner, the COO expanded more on the signing:

“It may or may not come to a surprise to you that we have signed a team that again, hasn’t had any incredible results but shows an increase in ability day after day. At Red, we pride ourselves on seeing our teams not as a way to make money but as a project, giving these players the necessary tools to reach their goals when no other organisations would and allowing them to reach the next level with that assistance. It is a pleasure to be working with a hungry and driven set of players that all share the same goals.”

The team’s next official match is today, (Thursday) where we will play EnVyUs in the first round of the EU Minor qualifiers.

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