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Red Reserve is an American gaming entertainment brand, best known for their roots in the Call of Duty sniping community. They became an eSports organization in when they were bought by the Swedish organization, Orbit Esport in February 2017 - resulting in all of their current rosters moving over to Red Reserve. After the takeover, Red Reserve has been continuing to grow in esports by signing all-star teams like out current EU Call of Duty roster and Gears Of War team while keeping to its roots by expanding its entertainment and content on YouTube and

  • Patrik Andersson Chief Executive Officer Patrik Andersson
  • Alex Kushelevskiy Co-Owner Alex Kushelevskiy
  • Sebastian Spooner Chief Operating Officer Sebastian Spooner
  • Alex Gonzalez NA Operations Alex Gonzalez
  • Joe Hayter Call Of Duty Manager Joe Hayter
  • Tyler Lench Social Media Manager Tyler Lench
  • Ben Grey Head Designer Ben Grey
  • Rob Lawrence Stream Manager Rob Lawrence
  • Mentorz Esports Editor Mentorz
  • Davy Motion Designer Davy
  • Jordan Cyno Designer Jordan Cyno
  • Shaawn YouTuber Shaawn
  • Gandhi YouTuber Gandhi
  • Emz YouTuber Emz
  • Nicks YouTube Nicks
  • Kiwiz YouTuber Kiwiz
  • Randumb YouTuber Randumb
  • Raves YouTuber Raves

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